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MassMailer is a best Mass email tool by using Salesforce, it has Mass mail wizard, Rich text editor, Mass stay in touch, share on social media channel.
MassMailer provides Salesforce E-mail marketing app for Real Estate, it sends thousands of emails per day, monitor, reporting on Mass emails.
Send Salesforce campaigns to leads or contacts, send mass emails instantly or schedule for later, use existing templates or campaigns and track reports.
If you're using Salesforce and want to run a comprehensive email marketing campaign, it's likely that you're going to eventually and hellip
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When you're starting an email marketing campaign, you often need to choose between using a dedicated or shared IP address.
Then navigate to Settings -> Whitelabels -> Domains page. On this Domain Whitelabel page, click on "Add Whitelabel" button. Then you have to enter your mailing subdomain and mailing domain name.
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