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To lay down the procedure for Operation, Calibration and Maintenance of Non - contact Infrared Thermometer. The responsibility of operation, calibration and maintenance of Non-contact Infrared Thermometer lies with microbiologist/Analyst. Switch on the instrument by pressing the ENT button (red switch present at handle). The display will show the temperature and the laser will turn on.
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To lay down the Procedure for Operation of Microscope. The responsibility of operating the Microscope as per procedure lies with Microbiologist. Place a slide over the stage, specimen side up and center of the specimen to be examined as accurately as possible over the hole in the center of the stage with the help of slide mover.
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To lay down the procedure for operation and calibration of pH meter. The responsibility of operation and calibration of pH meter lies with the Microbiologist /Analyst. The pH meter consists of a single electrode capable of reading the pH from 2-13 range, and ATP probe capable of reading the temperature from 0-100° C.
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